INTENSIVE, a short-term engagement, is perfect if you're looking to make changes in a specific area in your business or life, with a detail-oriented approach that will give you a result immediately.  


It is a SUPER supportive experience that includes 1 or 2 90-min private call(s), with optional Voxer support between each call and access to key resources (including recording & detailed notes taken during the call).


This experience is a perfect fit for soulpreneurs or mindful leaders who are ready to focus on what's essential and need immediate and implementable support.


Are you overthinking and procrastinating?

Are you making all the moves and integrating what you've learnt but not seeing progress?


From the INTENSIVE you'll walk away with clarity and tailored solutions, strategies, spiritual practices tailored for you and your business.

You need someone who blends strategy & spirituality with a truly holistic approach that won’t throw copy-and-paste strategies at you, but will help honour your biz & soul



 You don’t need to buy another template bundle, take another course that you will never watch or apply the learning or download another freebie that won’t actually give you the information and insight you need to make an impactful change.


You need someone by your side who does things thoroughly and thoughtfully 


You’re looking for hands-on coaching and consulting on your business and your life — that’s easily implementable after one call. 


As a former strategy consultant and start up mentor, now converted into a holistic business coach I'll help you to find your inspiration again, then you’ll be excited to run with it!


And that's the beauty of all this, you're not as far away as you think you are in achieving similar results.


It is all about blending impact with flow.


Hi, I'm Laetitia

I'm a 'Soul & Biz Doula' and Holistic Business & Leadership Coach. I hold a private sacred container for YOU to awaken your power and creativity in life and business. 


I know what it feels to be overwhelmed and procrastinate to create your big vision. I created INTENSIVE because I believe in you and I want to help you show up as the leader you are and share your gifts.


Think of me as the perfect blend of spirituality and strategy I have a solid grounding in mindfulness (started meditation at 5-years-old) and spirituality (lineage of healers), along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background. I incorporate my 12+ years in business and leadership to guide leaders and entrepreneurs to create soul & business alchemy.


My mission is to bring a sense of the sacred, purpose and intentionality into your everyday life by making sure it is in alignment with YOU.



What's included:

depending on the offer you choose from...


☾​ 90-min call — with a targeted agenda and clear action steps based on your application — that you'll approve before our call


☾ Recording + Notes — detailed notes taken during the call, and a recording so you can rewatch when you want.


Resources — 3-5 resources to help you implement what we talk about — workbooks, templates, spreadsheets, meditation, etc.


☾ Voxer support (optional) — if selected, unlimited Voxer support for 10 days


Referral bonuses — you're eligible for cash gifts when you refer people in the future


It's time to be part of the intensive you've been longing for. 


So if you’re ready to do this and bring accelerate your growth with an intensive, hit the APPLY NOW button right now



Who is 90min INTENSIVE for:

It is right for you if:

  • Understand your unique blueprint - you want to connect with your soul, understand your dharma and dive into the magic of Ayurveda and other ancient spiritual practices. 
  • Overcome your own limiting beliefs and traumas - you want to work through reprogramming and have a safe space for inner work. You are looking for a holistic experience to start your self healing journey. 
  • Tackle a specific project you just can't seem to find the time for — you want hands-on, deep-dive, undivided attention in a specific area of your business...and you want it now.
  • Put a new strategy in place in your business because you feel overwhelmed by all. the. things. to. do. — you want someone to bounce ideas off of, hold your hand while we work through what needs to happen, and take the jumbled mess inside your head and turn it into a streamlined, sexy set of action steps.
  • Get creative about what's next in your business. You do best when processing, talking, and brainstorming — and you need someone who will do all that with you to come out on the other side with a completely unique plan that will have you stand out in the space.

If you’ve mentally ticked any one of the above statements, then I would love to have you book 


We’re going to dance, sing, drum, ritual, meditate, journal, dream and so much more.  But most importantly, I'm going to support you on the path to find your truth and spark your own light. 





I went from being not aligned to learn how to follow the flow and not be resistant to what is coming.

Today I feel fulfilled and excited for everyday that is coming because I am myself and I learned how to listen to me and my body. Laetitia is the most generous and kind coach that I met. She is an extraordinary guide that leads from the heart. She has a beautiful and powerful energy. ​ If you're thinking of working with Laetitia, listen to your heart and ask yourself:

are you ready to transform your life?

Lily Dubois, Sovereign Studio Manager

Laetitia’s coaching approach in her program is insightful, interactive and highly effective. She has been a fantastic resource to draw upon both in terms of professional and personal development. She provided me with a clearer insight and practical suggestions.


She has encouraged me to take ownership for my development. Her genuine warmth, ability to listen and desire to help is very impressive. She took the time to offer care and support and to check in with me continually throughout the program. I would not hesitate to recommend Laetitia to anyone seeking professional and dedicated holistic coaching.


Project Manager

Laetitia is coaching me in a perfect combination of using scientific knowledge & management experience with a holistic approach of spirituality.


After working with her, she made things happen and changed my life for the better. Her way of coaching is well organised and she has always an ear for me also besides the coaching hours. You feel being accompanied through your journey not only to a successful business but also to make life decisions based on your passion, and that with the aim that your future work will make you happy.


I love starting my session with a calming exercise to dive deeply.


Yoga Teacher

I have been impressed by Laetitia's very unique and genuine expertise reconciling rationality and spirituality to guide me throughout my professional and personal life roles.


She's been a very caring and listening person, adapting her approach and many resources to my circumstances and personality. She always bring me clarity of thoughts to simplify complex challenges and guide me to make life changing decisions.


After a session with Laetitia, I feel empowered to reach new frontiers!


Strategy Consultant