Mindful Leadership Circle

What is it?

A Mindful Leadership Circle gathers leaders together to:

  • foster a better culture in the leadership team.
  • slow down, be mindful and listen deeply.
  • access the wisdom and experience of peers.
  • create a sense of collective, a true connection and positive energy amongst leaders.
  • improve the overall team performance 

  • offer new perspective to look at an important leadership challenge or question.
  • develop new innovative ways for responding to the challenge or questions.
  • hear the reflections of others and gently share your own

It filled a gap for me as a team leader because it is so necessary to have peers ask the right questions to help me make decisions. It gave me clarity. 

Product Owner, Telstra

It is a great initiative to enhance our listening skills and enable a new thought process to emerge that is more creative.

I loved it! 

Chapter Lead, Telstra

Mindful Leadership Circle Principles

Listen to the silence.


Be as present as possible.


Speak 'from the heart' when you are talking.


Listen 'from the heart' when another person is talking.


Ask questions without judgement, fear, cynicism, advice or correction


Speak spontaneously and share your truth in ways that respect other people’s truth.


Trust that gut feel & learn how to interpret that gut feel 


Respect the confidentiality of each other's story.


Trust the process.


Come as you are.


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It helps me be more present and listening more deeply. It is a time where I'm not distracting with my laptop, emails or calls.

Chapter Lead, Telstra

I enjoy the quality of the conversations held in the circle and how we all face the same challenges somehow.

Chapter Lead, Telstra

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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How any people can attend a circle?

How is it held?

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What is the methodology you use?

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