As a member, each month you have access to ceremonies, spiritual and practical curated content and community.


✨ Ceremonies: Monthly live new moon circle and other special ceremonies to gather in a sacred and safe space as a community. You'll be able to set powerful intentions to manifest your dreams.


⭐️ Curated Content: Live and recorded content on diverse spiritual and strategic topics such as Strategic Vision, Human Design, Authentic Branding, adapted to where you are at in your spiritual and business journey. 


👯‍♀️ Community: Access to a private group of impact-driven entrepreneurs & leaders. You will feel supported by a community of women who share your passion for spiritual growth and intentional leadership.




I'm so glad you landed on this page.


I hear so many of you saying that you feel out-of-balance in the way you live your life and lead your business. When we live out of alignment, we may feel overwhelmed, inconsistent and disconnected from ourselves and others. When we feel out of balance, we may lack confidence or feel stressed and always busy.

There is another way.


Now more than ever, I feel called to share my unique blend of spiritual practices and practical approaches to help you re-connect with your true self by making ancient spiritual wisdom accessible to busy modern-day women.


At the age of 5, I started my spiritual journey with meditation and other spiritual practices. But when I first joined the corporate world in my mid-twenties, I started compartmentalising the work and the woo, believing that's what I needed to do. It didn't end well and I burnt out 7 years ago!


Since then, I have been on a journey of embracing both and I now blend them perfectly in my life. You can learn to do this too. 


There is nothing more special than gathering as a community of like-minded women to share our spiritual and business journeys. 


And that's why I created the Alchemy Membership. I want you to have a spiritual and business community to help you create a soul-led life and business. I want you to feel connected, joyful and inspired every day on your journey.


So let me ask you this: Are you ready to embrace your wholeness and connect with a like-minded community?


The community is super supportive and diverse! I learn so much from everyone, being equally invested in sharing authentically and from the heart. Also, Laetitia gives us insight into how to bring spiritual knowledge and practices into our own lives and how to also mix it with business to deepen our impact.

Adrienne Tilley-Lefèvre

It feels supportive and encouraging to be in this community and enriching to participate in the different events. I love being part of a group that have positive intentions and want to make a difference. 

In terms of content, it is flexible and practical.


Agnes Paoli

The community of women are incredible. I’ve been blown away at how honest the women in the new moon circle are. I always walk away from the ceremony feeling inspired and wanting to better myself. 

I absolutely love attending the masterclasses as well.


Kristy Barneveld


I created the Membership to help you explore, embody and expand your spiritual path with joy and soul-led connections.

  • ✨ Ceremonies

  • Monthly New Moon Women's Circle

    A Monthly 90mins Live Sacred Ritual and Ceremony to bring women together to explore their hope and dreams and set intentions for the moon cycle coming:

    • Guided  Visualisation & Meditation,

    • Cacao Ceremony,

    • Prompts to set intentions,

    • Sacred Space for Sisterhood Connection,

    • New Moon Manifestation Oracle Cards Spread.

  • Special ceremonies

    A few special ceremonies are hosted throughout the year following the solar cycle of the seasons, equinoxes and solstices.

  • ⭐️ Curated Content

  • Exclusive Monthly Live Masterclasses & Guest Speakers


    • Live holistic business & leadership masterclasses which blend a strategic lens with the spiritual.
    • Monthly curated guest speaker sessions which focus on a specific business or spiritual practice.
  • A Library of Powerful Guided Meditations, Visualisations & Breathwork practices

    Such as Chakras Healing meditation, Yoga Nidra, Powerful visualisations, Breathwork/Pranayama, Drum journey, etc.

  • ​Powerful Shifting Workbooks and Recorded Workshops 


    • Define your own success

    • Grow your network intentionally 

    • Start taking inspired actions

    • Discover your Core Personal Values

    • Build your Self-Confidence

    • Share your Origin Story

    • Overcome your Fear

    • etc.

  • Special Courses


    • Align with the elements course: 5 day course to connect with the elements within and around you
    • Shift into Alignment: step-by-step guide to discover your purpose and start living an intentional life, career or business (~50 pages).
  • ✨ Community

  • Private Facebook Group Access

    Where you can participate in:

    • deep connection with a supportive community of women who are devoted to bringing more spirituality and intentions into everyday life

    • daily conversation

    • coaching thread

  • Social events

    Monthly (virtual) social events, like coffee break, mocktail happy hour, wellness classes or creative practices.


    Have fun with like-minded entrepreneurs, and get to know each other on a whole-human level — this is how mutually beneficial relationships are created!

Hi I'm Laetitia, 

CEO of Essential Shift

I live in Bondi Beach, Australia with my one big love and our two amazing daughters. I’m French by birth. I laugh really loud. I'm a recovering perfectionist and a card-carrying member of the Type A club. 


Think of me as the most organised & ritualistic person you know, strong coffee & cacao drinker, and your Holistic Partner — who's willing to get in the weeds with you to discover your gift and embrace it so you can show up as the person/leader you are...without having to put a 'mask' on.


Essential Shift is where purpose meets process, profit, strategy & spirituality. I help impact-driven entrepreneurs and leaders intentionally create a soul aligned business, career & life while connecting with a powerful community of like-minded women. 


I believe that what you think (in your head/mind), what you feel and are passionate about (in your heart/soul), and what you are creating (with your hand and will) are deeply connected, hence the logo of my business Essential shift with the 3 circles, which represent these 3 elements.  You are UNIQUELY YOU and I can't wait to help you uncover your OWN MAGIC. 


I have a solid grounding in mindfulness (started meditation at 5-year-old) and spirituality (lineage of healers), along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background. I incorporate my 12+ years in business and leadership to guide you.


You're never going to be on your own again. The moment you join the Essential Alchemy Membership, you become part of a supportive community who will help you stay on track and share your values


"I designed this membership so I can provide the utmost value to my community of like-minded women. It is as important to me, as I hope it is for them." Laetitia Andrac

I'm here to support you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to spirituality or have had a practice for years.


Wherever you are now, the ceremonies, community and curated content you find in the Essential Alchemy Membership will inspire deep, meaningful and sustainable changes in your spiritual and business journey.


If you want an easy and fun way to explore, embody and expand your spiritual practices, the Essential Alchemy Membership is for you.


If you want an awesome community of spiritual and business-savvy sisters who share your values and your passion for growth, the Essential Alchemy Membership is for you.


If you want to bring the power of holistic and ancient spiritual ceremonies into your modern life to create your life by design, the Essential Alchemy Membership is for you.











(Ceremonies + Community + Hot Seat Coaching opportunity + Course Discount)


What's included:

  • Invitation to 12x90mins Live New Moon Women Circles to set powerful intention 

  • A monthly live workshop or masterclass led by Laetitia 

  • A monthly live workshop or masterclass led by a guest speaker 

  • A supportive community inside our Private Facebook Group 

  • All-access to over a YEAR worth of curated content (including 12+ Powerful Shifting Workbooks and Recorded Workshops)

  • A library of powerful guided meditations​​​, visualisations, breathwork and yoga nidra

  • Hot seat coaching opportunity

  • Access to shift Into Alignment eBook (~50 pages)

  • Access to 'Align with the Elements' Course
  • Discount on Course + Programs offered by Laetitia and partners



$47 per month


Being part of Laetitia's New Moon Circle is one of those experiences that I will never forget.It really helped me connect further and deeper into my intentions around my business, my purpose work, my why. If you thinking of joining, definitely do it!

Ruby Lee


I love the shamanic rituals she includes in her rituals (...) She creates such a safe space. It's such a wonderful community and space to be in. It's unlike anything that I've been part of. 

Krystle Alfarero


The way that she sees you and that she understands you is so powerful.  I would wholeheartedly recommend for you to work with Laetitia.

Bec Clough


I love this membership because it gives me so much guidance. Since joining, I've been getting time back in my life too through the practices that Laetitia shared with us. I have the spiritual side that I can left free in that sacred space and also my strategic side that can be fuelled with resources! Then there is the community of AMAZING women who are my sisters. So much love and connection.

Mariah McInnes

I love everything about this membership: my new friendships since joining it, learning new spiritual practices and seeing other people grow. 

This group is an absolute must, being in the presence of Laetitia and other strong women is such a beautiful experience. I look forward to our circles or masterclasses no matter the time of the day!

This membership has also given me the opportunity to show up and explore my 'earth witchy' side without being ashamed. 

Jennie Jordan


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