Bring your Vision to Life


Whether you're just starting your business, and have no idea what to do or you're craving new ideas and inspiration as you scale...You'll leave this 3-Day Challenge with a clear vision, actionable goals, and a feeling of empowerment and excitement for the future of your business and life.

What are they saying about it

Their words speak about the power of this challenge



There is nothing like a vision to create your future.

Vision is here to support you in taking consistent and aligned actions.


This may sound strange at first, but there is a deep connection to your soul when you define your vision that, once mastered, enables ease and grace in the way you take actions in your business and life. I am mastering the art of embracing vision and intentionality daily and I am so excited for you to do the same.


You are invited to the 3-Day Bring your Vision to Life Challenge.


What is covered?

In this online training we cover the steps for you to start taking the aligned actions in your business and life:


  • Day 1: Reflect & Connect with your Soul-Desire.  ​
    Often we limit ourselves by fixating on what we don't have. Your first challenge will be to surrender to your SOUL-wisdom during my signature guided vision exercise to connect with what you have within and create a clear picture of what you want for your biz in the next 6-months — despite uncertain times. 
  • Day 2: Map-out your inspired actions. 
    How you set a flexible and playful roadmap that aligns with your vision & your ENERGY. So this challenge is to forget what others are doing and define key consistent actions (that won't get lost in a never-ending to-do list) and rituals 
    to support your vision.
  • Day 3: Take a Leap of Faith. 
    There is an art form for giving birth to your vision without feeling overwhelmed and it is by making a BIG BOLD move. Your third challenge will be to choose & take one action that makes a quantum leap in your life and business

This is not a live coaching event. It is about connecting the woo with strategy - if that's your jam, you won't want to miss out!



Once you've signed up, you get access to the recording of each day training and the challenge (inspired action) to take. 



The challenge is best suited to entrepreneurs, service providers, soul-led business owners and mindful leaders.


So, are you up for the 3-Day Bring your Vision to Life Challenge?

A little about me...


Bonjour! I'm Laetitia Andrac and I'm a Holistic Business Coach.

My clients describe me as their Soul+Biz Doula as I support them in creating a soul-aligned by offering a unique blend of spirituality and strategy.


I've a solid grounding in mindfulness (started meditation at 5-year-old) and spirituality (lineage of healers) along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background.

I incorporate 12+ years in business and leadership to guide women to create soul & business alchemy.


Today, my clients work with me tbring a sense of the sacred to their everyday life. 


If you're looking to create a life that is aligned and sustainable, I'm certain we were meant to meet. 




Giving you a quick overview of what others have created by taking part of this challenge

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Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How is the content provided?

  • Through recorded video masterclasses. You will be given a link to a page where you can access the content whenever and wherever you want.

How much experience do I need?

  • You could be just starting your business or in a phase of expansion. It is always important to reconnect to our vision and take aligned actions to move forward. All I ask is that you're open minded to unique blend of spirituality and strategy in business.

Are there refunds?

  • No. Payment is non-refundable as per our Billing Terms when you purchase.